WWW Wednesday (14 April 2021)

We’ve made it to Wednesday 🎉! What better way to commemorate the near end of another week than talking about my current reads, what I recently finished reading and what I’ll be reading next?

Before I get into it, I’ll just remind everyone this challenge was created by Sam and centres around answering the following questions:

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?

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I’m currently reading Kate In Waiting by Becky Albertalli. This is my first blog tour book – and post – for next month. I’m about 25% into it and I’m quite liking it. It’s a light, fun read full of diverse characters (don’t forget to check out my blog tour post when it’s published on May 1st).

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I recently finished The Road Trip by Beth O’Leary. It was one of my Most Anticipated Books for January – June and you can find out if it lived up to the (self imposed) hype when I post my full review on the 29th.

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I also recently finished Invisible by Lindsay Woodward. The premise for this one was interesting, but I’ll leave my full thoughts on this one for my blog tour post on the 20th May.

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Once I’m finished with Kate in Waiting, I’m going to make a start on Unbreak Your Heart by Katie Marsh. This one sounds like it’s going to be equally heartbreaking and heartwarming so I think I might require tissues for it 😂.

So that wraps up another WWW Wednesday. What have you been reading at the moment? I’d love to chat about recent/upcoming reads with you 😊.

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