Music Mondays #29

Even though things feel a bit unusual at the moment (as much of the U.K. are adjusting to a slightly relaxed lockdown, and I’m adjusting to wearing something other than a hoodie and leggings!), you’ll be happy to know that – from today – Music Mondays is back. As usual, I’ll take you through 5 tracks I’ve been listening to and loving at the moment.

Beach Fossils, Down the Line

I’d never heard of the Brooklyn indie pop band Beach Fossils until they popped up on a playlist of mine the other day but this song – from their 2017 album “Somersault” – was a great introduction.

The song has a moody, indie vibe to it and it reminded me of The Drums’ early songs.

© Bayonet Records, Secretly Publishing, 2017.
The Pale White, That Dress

Unlike most of the acts I include in these posts, the Newcastle based indie rock trio The Pale White have been on my radar (and my playlist) for a while now. I even had the pleasure of asking them questions about their upcoming debut album (you can read my interview with them here).

This song (a reworked version of an early demo) is a rocking, thumping track that’ll be stuck in your head (and on your playlist) for a long time. I think this song proves this band are ones to watch and I – for one – am looking forward to what they release next.

© Illegal Cinema, AWAL Recordings Ltd, 2021.
Frances Forever (featuring Chloe moriondo), Space Girl

Considering I’m the only person I know (and only person in the world, it feels like) who doesn’t use TikTok, I had no idea these two singer-songwriters (or this song) existed.

This song is relaxed, very easy to listen to and fun.

© Frances Forever, Mom+Pop, 2021.
Zuzu, What You Want

Like me, Zuzu hails from Liverpool so I’m familiar with her indie songs laced with her Scouse accent.

This song is easy to listen to, somewhere between indie and rock and I can imagine it sounds great in front of a crowd (I’m seeing her live over the weekend and I can’t wait!).

© Universal Music Operations Limited, 2020.
Baby Queen, Buzzkill

South African born newcomer Baby Queen was a recent find for me but I love her angsty-pop sound.

This song is a combination of grunge and pop and it’s definitely a good introduction to a new artist and her sound.

© Universal Music Operations Limited, Polydor Records, 2020.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat and share recommendations! 😊.

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2 thoughts on “Music Mondays #29

  1. Thanks for sharing these 🙂 Currently OBSESSED with the orchestral version of Space by Biffy Clyro – I don’t know why, it’s not new, I’ve had it ages…it’s just beautiful ha, ha.

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