WWW Wednesday (5th May 2021)

We’ve made it to another Wednesday 🎉. After a long weekend that has both been extremely lazy (I barely moved on Monday) and jam packed (I met up with friends and attended an actual gig over the weekend), I’m (very slowly) getting back into the swing of things – including posting regularly on the blog.

As usual, I thought I’d share my current, last finished and next reads. 

Before I get into it, I’ll just remind everyone this challenge was created by Sam and centres around answering the following questions:

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?

(Goodreads Link)

I did originally plan to read something else first but – when I saw my request for this one had actually been approved – I thought I best get stuck in (especially considering the fact that it’s released later this month!).

I’ll let you into a little secret…this is my first time reading a Taylor Jenkins Reid book. I feel mad saying that considering everyone and their dog has read something by her but it’s true. I’m currently about 13% into this one and – whilst it’s only getting started – I can see why people think she’s a brilliant writer as I’m interested to see where it goes.

(Goodreads Link)

I recently finished this book and I really enjoyed it. I haven’t read any of Vine’s previous books, though I do have one on my shelf, but I loved the funny, warm tone to it and I’m a sucker for a story about female friendship.

I’ll save my full thoughts for my blog post on June 10th, though!

(Goodreads Link)

I also recently finished this book. I had other books I probably should’ve prioritised but I really liked this bit of escapism and summer.

I’ll save my full thoughts for my post as part of the blog tour for this book on June 21st.

(Goodreads Link)

Once I’ve finished Malibu Rising, I’m going to get straight into this one. I saw this everywhere originally and knew, whatever way I could, I had to have it 😂.

I’m pretty sure I’m going to like this one but you’ll have to wait until May 27th to find out what I thought!

So that wraps up another WWW Wednesday. What have you been reading at the moment? I’d love to chat about recent/upcoming reads with you 😊.

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