WWW Wednesday (12th May 2021)

We’ve made it to another Wednesday 🎉. After a long weekend that has both been extremely lazy (I barely moved on Monday) and jam packed (I met up with friends and attended an actual gig over the weekend), I’m (very slowly) getting back into the swing of things – including posting regularly on the blog. 

As usual, I thought I’d share my current, last finished and next reads. 

Before I get into it, I’ll just remind everyone this challenge was created by Sam and centres around answering the following questions:

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?

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I’m currently reading You and Me on Vacation by Emily Henry (also titled People We Meet on Vacation). I’m 2 chapters in at the minute so I’m going to wait until I’m further into it to pass judgment (but I’m sure I’ll enjoy it!).

(Goodreads Link)

I recently finished Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid. As I mentioned in last week’s post, this was my first time reading one of her books. You’ll have to wait a little bit to hear my full thoughts but I definitely did enjoy this one.

(Goodreads Link)

I also recently finished The Lock In by Phoebe Luckhurst. You’ll have to wait a little bit for my full thoughts on this one but I did like this book.

(Goodreads Link)

I’ve absolutely raced through my May releases so I’m starting on books with June release dates. I can feel a bit of a reading slump coming on but I think this one might be the one to get me out of it (cross everything for me! 😂).

So that wraps up another WWW Wednesday. What have you been reading at the moment? I’d love to chat about recent/upcoming reads with you 😊.

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