Blog Tour: Invisible by Lindsay Woodward

Ready for a love story you didn’t see coming in 2021? I might have just the thing…

Invisible by Lindsay Woodward

Genre: Contemporary Fiction/Romance

Publisher: Lindsay Woodward

Date Published: 4th September 2020

Print length: 349 pages

Trigger warnings: Loss, grief, loss of family/parents


Alice Bloom has shut herself away from the world for years. But all that changes when three men come into her life. Firstly there’s the rather disgusting Karl, who has the key to her problems but turns her stomach. Then there’s smooth and sexy Ethan, whom Alice falls head over heels for, but she just can’t seem to get time alone with him. And finally there’s her lovely, supportive friend Dan, if only they could ever actually get to meet. Because the biggest problem of all is: Alice is invisible.The complications become more and more hilarious as Alice tries to steer her way through her conflicting emotions and find her way to happiness. Will she succeed or will life always get the better of her?

My Thoughts

I automatically agreed to be part of this blog tour because – let’s face it – how often do you hear about/read stories about people who are invisible? I love a romantic comedy kind of book (I guess you’ll have figured that out from the reviews I post often!) and I really liked the sound of one with an exciting premise like this.

We immediately encounter Alice Bloom, a woman for whom it is almost impossible to conjure up an image in your head, as — for a while now —- she’s been invisible following a death in her family. Of course, in the beginning, she gets on with it: going about her day, messaging a man she has yet to meet, inspecting to see if she can see any of her body in full. That would be a boring story if it stayed like that but — thankfully —- the excitement ramps up when Alice heads to a bar and finds out that someone there can see her.

I liked Alice as a character. I think immediately I felt sorry for her and then, as the book went on, I pinballed between being very frustrated with her choices and rooting for her.

As I mentioned before, the premise is interesting and unusual —- although the subplot involving Dan’s work just didn’t interest me as much. I lapped up the rest of it but I just found the problems at Dan’s work a bit dull and boring, I was all about the romance!

Like a lot of us, Alice picks the wrong people. Luckily, her bad choices provide a bit of comedy relief for the reader, as these bad choices lead to funny situations.

Whilst this book is billed as a romance, the romance didn’t wow me. The first men Alice falls for are both downright awful in their own way and I just felt like screaming at her as she strung them along. I had a feeling how this book would go —- and who Alice would end up with —— but I still wasn’t that bothered by the end of it.

Invisible might be billed as a romance but I think this story is all about finding yourself — both figuratively and literally —- and the parts where Alice took a look at herself and figured things out on her own were a joy to read.

A Few Thank Yous

I wouldn’t have been able to read this book – or participate in this Blog Tour without a few people, who I’ll thank now.

Thank you to Rachel, of Rachel’s Random Resources , for my spot on the tour. Also a big thank you to Rachel Woodward for my E-copy of this book. I liked reading it and I hope others will, too.

About the Author

Rachel Woodward is a British author who lives in Warwickshire with her husband and cat. She has had a lifelong passion for writing, starting off as a child when she used to write about the Fraggles of Fraggle Rock.

Knowing there was nothing else she’d rather study, Rachel did a degree in writing and has now turned her favourite hobby into a career.

Rachel writes love stories with a twist, always leaving readers guessing right until the end. They’re far from your normal romance stories, but a love story runs through the heart of all her books, with a sprinkle of something weird thrown into the mix.

When she’s not writing novels, Rachel is a Marketing Consultant.

You can follow Lindsay Woodward on her website, on Instagram , on Twitter and Facebook .

Invisible is available to buy:

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U.S Link

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