Monthly Wrap-Up: May

As if we’ve made it through another month! The (almost) start of one month means another wrap up post (you can read my previous wrap-ups: January , February , March and April.

I’ve really enjoyed May. I saw my first live gig in months, a bar relaunch and spent plenty of time doing what I love.

Starting with TV shows, the first show I watched was Below Deck. I absolutely binged the living daylights out of this show last month and definitely enjoyed watching the third and fourth season during this month. It’s as trashy as ever but there’s something addictive about it.

I also watched Starstruck on BBC IPlayer. It was a bit of a slow burn but I loved the romance and humour in it and can’t wait for the second season (if there is one 😂).

The last TV show I watched was Awake: The Million Dollar Game. This one randomly came up on Netflix one day and I just thought I’d give it a go. Fast forward to the end of the month and I finished the first season, completely gripped by the crazy challenges and watching sleep deprived people try and win cash!

Now onto movies. I didn’t watch many movies this month to be honest. The first movie I watched was Ella Enchanted. Every so often, my sister and I drink a few cocktails and watch/rewatch a movie and this month’s pick was one of my favourite not-so-guilty pleasure films – it’s cringey, it’s cheesy but there’s something I love about it every time (it may or may not be the actor that plays the Prince..but I’ll leave to watch and figure out 😂).

The second movie I watched was The Mitchell’s vs The Machines. I’d wanted to watch this one for a while so I jumped at the chance when it popped up on Netflix. It was funny, clever, original and even a bit emotional (for me, anyway!).

Following this, I watched Blame. This one wasn’t my favourite but it was original and I was impressed by the fact that the main star wrote and directed this one.

Next, I watched The Woman in The Window. I haven’t read this book (so I didn’t know what to expect and my viewing wasn’t clouded by the film to book comparison) but it was easy to follow and I liked the twists, turns and dashes of suspense mixed in.

Following this, I watched another sister movie night pick – Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging. It’s utterly cringeworthy but the soundtrack is boss and I think everyone probably knows by now I’m massively nostalgic so I won’t turn down a chance to relive my childhood and teen years – even if it did involve shaving off an eyebrow like Georgia!

Next, I watched Army of the Dead. This was a movie my Dad picked in an attempt to ditch the filler sections of Eurovision and — whilst it prevented me from watching the U.K. secure nil points — it wasn’t the best film I’ve seen. It definitely had potential but the characters annoyed me and I completely lost concentration.

The final films I watched this month were A Quiet Place and the very long awaited sequel, A Quiet Place 2. I think these movies are very clever and absolutely can’t complain about my favourite famous couple being on screen!

I’ve posted what I hope to read next month but — considering the fact this is a wrap up post —- I’ll let you know what I read this month.

I read 7 books this month, all of which were for blog tours or to get rid of books on my NetGalley shelf!

The first book I read was Blue Hawaiian by Carla Luna. I won’t give you a full review on this yet but you can check out my thoughts on my Blog Tour stop on June 21st.

The second book I read was Malibu Rising by Taylor Jenkins Reid. This was my first read by Reid and it didn’t disappoint- I’m seriously thinking about (finally) reading Daisy Jones & The Six at some point in the next month.

The third book I read was The Lock In by Phoebe Luckhurst. This was an original debut novel with plenty of laughs and a hint of nostalgia (for anyone that owned one desktop computer between a family, anyway!).

The fourth book I read was Real Men Knit by Kwana Jackson. I won’t give you a full review of this one as my blog tour stop is actually tomorrow but I will say I enjoyed it.

The fifth book I read was The Lucky Escape by Laura Jane Williams. This was one of my anticipated reads for the year and — whilst I’ll save my full thoughts for my review coming next month — it lived up to the hype.

The sixth book I read was The Mix Up by Holly McCulloch. I devoured her first book, Just Friends pretty quickly and the same can be said for this one, too (though I’ll save my full thoughts for next month).

The last book I read was You & Me on Vacation by Emily Henry. I haven’t read her debut (yet) but I really liked this one (which I’m sure you’ll find out on my blog tour date).

If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know (when I remember) I post five tracks I’ve been listening to on Mondays.

As well as these tracks, I’ve been loving No Hard Feelings by Wolf Alice, Down for Fun by Liz Lawrence and Harmony House by Dayglow.

🗓 🗓

So that’s it, my monthly wrap-up for March. I’d love to chat about what you read, watched and listened to this month.

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