First Play Friday // ‘Powerhouse’ – Stranger Girl

In case you missed it, I started a new series on the blog last week. In this series, I’ll give you a heads up about a new artist or band that I’ve been listening to each week.

For my second post, I’m spotlighting ‘Powerhouse’ by Stranger Girl. The Brighton based four-piece give a nod to classic indie influences (from The Strokes to Blondie to The Smiths) whilst rooting themselves firmly in the 21st century with this track – the lead single from their EP ‘Black Hole Radio’ (released today).

From the opening line, front woman Melissa Douglas’s distinctive raspy vocal takes the listener through the moody lyrics.

Regarding the track, the band say “ (it) is a song that carries the spirit of “grass is greener” syndrome.

It takes you through a forlorn journey of malcontentedly scrappy indie pop and out the other side to an uplifting outro that swells with crashing chords and hopeful lyrics that speak of determination in the face of despair.”

The track is a glowing example of scrappy indie pop at its best, combining moody lyrics with extremely catchy hooks and drums.

‘Powerhouse’ is the beginning of an album which tries to make heads or tails of growing up in the modern world and, whilst Douglas’s vocals are what makes this track stand out, the way the music and lyrics seamlessly blend together shows that this is a group of people that are more than ready to take on the bustling indie pop scene and – better yet – make it their own.

© Stranger Girl Records, 2021.

The track, Powerhouse, and EP, Black Hole Radio are out today.


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**This track was sent to me by Lander PR. I was not instructed to review this track and all opinions of it are my own.

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