First Play Friday // ‘Fall Away’ – Rowdy Outsider

In case you missed it, I started a new series on the blog a few weeks back where I show off a new – or upcoming – release I’ve been listening to.

Previous tracks include ‘I Did It to Myself ‘ by Dakota Jones, ‘Powerhouse’ by Stranger Girl and ‘Safe Bet’ by Cucamaras.

For the fourth post in the series, I’m spotlighting ‘Fall Away’ by Rowdy Outsider. The Irish alternative band show off their alternative sound with a guitar and percussion heavy indie-punk-rock track.

From the opening line, vocalist Matthew Doyle’s energetic vocal takes the listener through the dissolution of a long term relationship.

Regarding the track, Doyle says While on the surface the song is a sombre ballad, Fall Away brings undertones of relief, hope and excitement for the future”.

The track is an emotional indie-punk-rock anthem, a combination of emotive lyrics and thumping percussion.

‘Fall Away’ is a track about loss but also hope for the future. We might not all have a break up story to tell but, over the last year, we’ve all had a sense of loss which I think this track communicates well. The way that the music and vocals blend together so well proves that, whether you’re a fan of punk music or not, this Irish outfit is a band you should be paying attention to.

© Rowdy Outsider Music, 2021.

The track ‘Fall Away’ is available to stream on Spotify.


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**This track was sent to me by LPR. I was not instructed to review this track and all opinions of it are my own.

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