Music Mondays #35

Although I started a new series of music posts (you can read them here, here , here and here), you might be pleased to know this doesn’t mean Music Mondays is going anywhere.

As always, on my 35th post for this series, I’ll be sharing 5 tracks I’ve been listening to and loving this week.

Jimi Somewhere, The World

I’d never heard of the indie-pop singer until this song – from his album Nothing Gold Can Stay – popped up on a playlist.

The song is a high energy, vibrant song filled with crisp electronic production.

© Next Wave Records / Ultra Records LLC, 2021.

Tom Odell, numb

Unlike most of my Music Mondays picks, I’ve not only heard of the London singer-songwriter I’ve actually seen him live (potentially more than once).

This song marks a step in a new direction for Odell. Whilst the lyrics remain melancholic, the style is more experimental than his previous releases.

© Sony Music Entertainment U.K. Limited, 2021.

Black Honey, Disinfect

Like Tom Odell, the Brighton quartet are an act that I’m familiar with (you can read my full review of the EP that this song comes from here).

This song is impactful, full of high energy drums and guitar, the kind of song that grabs your attention straight away.

© Foxfive Records, 2020.

Great Good Fine Ok, Not Going Home

I’d never heard of the Brooklyn duo until I came across this song.

This song is full of energy and really gets you thinking about those nights when you didn’t feel like going home..which feel like a distant memory right now!

© Duck L’Orange, 2014.

Sun June, Bad with time

I’d never heard of the regret pop outfit from Texas until this song popped up on one of my playlists.

The song is easy going, beautiful both musically and vocally, and perfect for these weird days we find ourselves in.

© Run For Cover Records, 2021.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat and share recommendations! 😊.

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