WWW Wednesday (7th July 2021)

It’s the first Wednesday of a new month 🎉. We’re over halfway through the year and, whilst I haven’t read as many books as I had by this point last year, I’m just made up to be able to do more stuff. I think where I had the time to read last year, I’ve spent this time reflecting on the year previous and doing as much as I can which, unfortunately for the book blogging side of me, has meant reading has taken a back seat.

As always, I’ll just remind everyone this challenge was created by Sam and centres around answering the following questions:

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?

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This kind of feels like a lie as I actually haven’t picked this one up to read..yet! Saying that, though, it’s next on my July TBR so I will pick it up eventually.

(Goodreads Link)

I actually finished this one at the end of last month and – unlike Acton’s debut novel (which, for some reason or another I didn’t really gel with) – I really enjoyed this one. I’ll post my full review of this soon (as my lack of blog tours means I have free range on what reviews to post).

(Goodreads Link)

This was my last read of last month (despite being on my TBR for July) and – honestly – I really enjoyed it. Whilst I lived for drama in books in my teens, I just want relatable characters and I think Tovey nailed it with Ivy and her wacky and wonderful family and friends.

(Goodreads Link)

Whilst I might’ve read these in the wrong order, one thing I’m definitely sure of is how much I like this book. This one was funny, sweet, sensitive and – fun fact – it’s the first time ever I’ve cried at a book.

As I’ve almost tackled my (rather short) TBF for the month, I don’t have my next read planned out. I’m completely going off what I feel like reading this month which, after months of having the time to plan my TBR and to read, is a refreshing change.

So that wraps up another WWW Wednesday. What have you been reading at the moment? I’d love to chat about recent/upcoming reads with you 😊.

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