Music Mondays #36

I might have started a new series on my blog a few weeks back (you can read them here, here, here, here and here) but it doesn’t mean my original music series — Music Mondays —- is going anywhere.

Though I’m battling the heat and a hangover, I’m still going to share 5 songs I’ve been listening to (and loving) at the moment.

Jade Bird, Open up the heavens

Unlike most of my picks for these posts, I’ve not only heard of the British singer-songwriter, I’ve actually seen her live (back when concerts where a thing).

The song is a gorgeous combination of Bird’s soaring vocals and infectious alt-rock guitar and drums.

© Glassnote Music LLC, AWAL, 2021.

Dayglow, Something

This American singer-songwriter was a recent find for me but — since I found one of his songs (which I think I included in a previous post?) —- I haven’t stopped playing his songs on repeat.

The song is full of enthusiasm and energy, the kind of track that’ll get stuck in your head (and on your playlist) in no time.

© Very Nice Records, AWAL Recordings America Inc., 2021.

Julien Baker, Favor

I mainly know this American singer-songwriter as one half of boygenius but — when I listened to her recent album —- I realised that (like most people in groups) she’s just as good in her own right.

The song is a soft indie folk tune that gradually builds pace and shows off Baker’s stunning vocals.

© Matador Records, 2021.

Djo, Personal Lies

I mainly know Joe Keery for his acting but — as with a lot of actors — he proves there’s more to him with his musical side project.

The song is full of energy, catchy hooks and fun vocal arrangements.

© Joe Keery, 2019.

Yumi Zouma, Right Track/Wrong Man

I’d never heard of the alternative-pop group until this song popped up on my playlist.

The song is a blend of vocal harmonies and catchy, easy to listen to music. Its the perfect track for unwinding on these glorious sunny days we’re having.

© Polyvinyl Record Co, 2020.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat and share recommendations! 😊.

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