Monthly Wrap-Up: July

July truly flew by, didn’t it? The (almost) start of one month means another wrap-up post (you can read my previous wrap-up posts here: January , February , March, April, May and June).

I’ve quite enjoyed this month. I’ve been writing more pieces for The Indiependent, I uploaded a portfolio section to my blog and I’ve been enjoying time with my family and friends. I also did something I haven’t done in a long while…I went on a date! I think it really put into perspective how confident I am now compared to years ago, so I’m glad I went. Towards the end of the month, I did allow being the one of the only single people in my friendship group get to me but — as I move on to the next month — I’m going to change my outlook. I’m going to be as content in myself as possible and then, surely, good things will follow. Plus: no boyfriend means no extra person to buy presents for on any occasion deemed special, right? 😂.

Anyway…onto the wrap-up!

I watched a fair bit this month. Starting with TV shows, I finished the next two seasons of New Girl. Not much to say but I still fancy Nick.

I also watched the first season of Close Enough on Netflix. I don’t really watch cartoons but I really enjoyed this one. It’s funny, I like the animation and it’s also a bit weird — which is a winning combination in my eyes.

I watched Lie With Me. It was an interesting, well acted show with plenty of twists and turns. As usual, I thought I was smart enough to guess the twist but, as usual, I was not smart enough to guess the twist!

Lastly, I watched the latest series of Bake Off: The Professionals. I’m in awe of what people can do on the regular version but the professionals take it to another level. It’s as stressful and enjoyable as the regular show but I can never watch it without snacks.

I actually went to the cinema this month 🎉. I love watching films but I truly think watching a movie in the cinema, with snacks, is the best way to watch a movie. First off, I watched the Fear Street trilogy on Netflix. You can read an in depth review from me about this trilogy here.

Next up, I watched Jolt. It had a similar vibe to Atomic Blonde, which I enjoyed watching a while back, and the acting and wardrobe is fabulous.

Lastly, I watched Old. It was an interesting idea but the execution wasn’t great. I thought it’d be a bit freakier but I spent most of the film laughing or cringing at the acting.

I posted the list of books I’m hoping to read in August yesterday but – before I get into those books – I might as well tell you what I read in July.

I read a total of 6 books this month, all of which had previously been released.

The first book I read was The Education of Ivy Edwards. I actually read this after reading its sequel Is This It? by mistake. It was funny, fun but also sweet and emotional.

The next book I read was Dial A For Aunties. I won two copies of this book in a giveaway by the publisher and I’m happy to say that I’m glad I won it. It was bonkers but brilliant, with plenty of humour and so much going on.

Following that, I read The Unhoneymooners . It was a simple, easy read that did little to quash my love of an enemies to lovers story (or my wanderlust/ desperate need for a holiday!).

After that, I read Tiny Pretty Things. This was one of two books my friend let me borrow and, despite the heaviness of some of the stuff discussed, it was an interesting read. It wasn’t my favourite read but I couldn’t put it down.

Following this, I read Beach Read. I absolutely loved You and Me on Vacation and I’m glad to say the same about this one. It was a different read to her latest but it was hard not to get swept up in the romance.

The final book I read this month was How to Murder Your Life. This was the second book my friend kindly let me borrow and, much like Tiny Pretty Things, it was pretty heavy stuff. Despite this, though, I thoroughly enjoyed it and it has made me realise I need to read more non-fiction.

I continued my two music series First Play Friday and Music Mondays this month, and I’m throughly enjoying posting this kind of content and listening to a wide selection of bands and artists as a result of it.

As well as this, I’ve been listening to Stoned at the Nail Salon by Lorde, Simulation Ride by Merpire and Babies by Liz Lawrence.

🗓 🗓

So that’s my monthly wrap-up for July. Let me know what you’ve been up to this month.

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