Music Mondays #40

Much like last week’s post, I’m lucky enough to be writing this post from the (thankfully) air conditioned bedroom of the Spanish apartment I’m currently staying in. Listening to music is just one of the many things I love doing on holiday (and looking at the various red patches dotted round my body, I do a better job of that than tanning!) so here’s 5 tracks I’ve been listening to and loving on my (long awaited) holiday.

Inhaler, Slide Out The Window

I might be late to the hype but I’m loving the Dublin four-piece at the moment.

The song, from their 2021 album It Won’t Always Be Like This, is an easy indie anthem with a catchy hook and moody (but familiar, if you’re a U2 fan) vocals.

© Polydor Records, Inhaler under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited, 2021.

Villanelle & The Northern Wonder, Clever Girl

The independent duo, based in Manchester, were unknown to me until I read this interview but I’m sure I’ll be adding more of their songs to my playlists from now on.

The song, from their 2021 EP Dark Days at the Grand, is a thumping indie rock song with captivating, Nick Cave esque-vocals and intriguing instrumentals.

© Villanelle & The Northern Wonder, 2021.

Spector, What You Wanted

The London rock band are a band I’ve liked for a while and, while I’ve been on holiday, I’ve been listening to their songs on repeat.

The song, from their 2012 album Enjoy It While It Lasts, is a synth-filled, upbeat indie anthem you can’t help but play on repeat (and, hopefully, I’ll hear it live one day!).

© Polydor Ltd (U.K.), 2012.

easy life, ocean view

If you’ve been following these posts for a while, you’ll know I’ve added two songs from the Leicester based indie/R&B group to this playlist.

The song, from their 2021 album life’s a beach, is so easy to listen to, with a catchy indie/R&B feel to it and – I’m telling you – it hits differently listening to it on the beach 😂.

© Island Records, Universal Music Operations Limited, 2021.


This alt-rock quintet are from Liverpool and – after reviewing their debut track a while back – it was only right I include their second track on this post.

The song, the follow up from their debut track Mountain Soda, is a thumping alt-rock anthem with instrumentals that grab your attention straight away and strong, distinctive vocals.

© SCREENTALK recordings, 2021.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat and share recommendations! 😊.

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