First Play Friday // ‘Cosmic Saturation’ – The Velveteins

In case you missed it, I started a NEW music series on the blog in June (alongside Music Mondays , which will be back soon!) where I show off a new or upcoming release.

Previous tracks include ‘I Did It To Myself’ by Dakota Jones, ‘Powerhouse’ by Stranger Girl, ‘Safe Bet’ by Cucamaras, ‘Fall Away’ by Rowdy Outsider, ‘I Only Party (w my Baby)’ by SLUGS, ‘Watching Cartoons’ by La Luz, ‘Blame It’ by Marlow and ‘Perfect Design’ by Mason Rose Gray.

For the tenth post of the series, I’m spotlighting ‘Cosmic Saturation’ by The Velveteins. The Canadian band show off their unique blend of 1960s psychedelia and indie rock with a track full of vintage guitar twangs and quirky melodies.

From the opening line, the edgy vocals take the listener through the excitement of new places and touring around.

Regarding the track, frontman Spencer Morphy shares, “(the track) was largely inspired by our lives at the time, being constantly travelling and the lifestyle we were living playing so many shows. Driving across the country from the east to west coast, watching the interstates fly by in the dawn.”

The song is full of warmth, wrapped up in soft vocals and quirky, upbeat instrumentals.

The track is upbeat and full of life, making it an easy listen and ideal for long summer days and nights.

The past year or so has been pretty difficult but tracks like this serve as a reminder that, hopefully, there are better, more exciting things to come.

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The track ‘Cosmic Saturationis available to stream on Spotify.


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**This track was sent to me by LPR. I was not instructed to review this track and all opinions of it are my own.

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