WWW Wednesday (8th September 2021)

We’ve made it to Wednesday 🎉! After a weekend spent attending a festival , I was a little bit worried I wouldn’t get back into reading. I’m happy to report, as you’ll find out, I’m not in a reading slump (at least for now!).

This challenge was created by Sam and centres around answering the following questions:

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?

A link to the Goodreads page for “The Switch” by Beth O’Leary
Click the cover for Goodreads Link

I know, I know I’m very late to the party reading this one but, in my defence, I think I’ve been putting it off. I’ve read The Flatshare and The Road Trip and they both proved to be hit-and-miss.

Saying that, though, I’m interested in this premise (it kind of reminds me of The Lonely Fajita , which I loved) so I’m approaching this one with an open mind.

Click for review of People Like Her by Ellery Lloyd
Click the cover for my review of People Like Her by Ellery Lloyd

This was the first book on my September TBR and, despite my initial apprehension about reading a book that’s definitely outside of my usual genres, I actually enjoyed it.

It was everything I’ve usually found when I’ve read thrillers: thrilling (of course), full of twists and turns and featuring few likeable characters.

Click the cover for a link to my review of this book
Click the book cover for my review of Can Everyone Please Calm Down by Mae Martin

It seems that September has been about reading books I wouldn’t usually pick up and, being someone who reads a lot of fiction, this would probably be an example of that.

After years of not really using my brain (apart from in work and for tea-time quizzes, thanks lockdown 🙄), it was nice to actually engage with a book and its words. It was interesting and insightful without being intimidating like a lot of non-fiction proves to be.

After I finally read The Switch, I don’t have a clue what I’ll read next. All of my physical books are currently gathering dust in my new house (which we’re still in the process of making feel like home) so I’m reliant on my Kindle for reading material at the moment.

So if anyone can recommend any good (and preferably cheap, because sorting a house out costs a lot of money!) Kindle books to get stuck into, that would be fantastic!

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