Music Mondays #44

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? I haven’t posted a Music Mondays post since my birthday last month so, starting today, I’ve got some making up to do.

In case you’ve forgotten what these posts are about (because I had to be honest!), I’ll be sharing 5 tracks I’ve been listening to and loving at the moment.

MUNA (featuring Phoebe Bridgers), Silk Chiffon

When someone once asked me what my music taste is, I said it was “sad girl indie”. So I was made up when queen of the genre, and one of the recipients of the award for my favourite albums of 2020, Phoebe Bridgers featured on the latest single by American electronic pop band, MUNA.

Released last month, the song isn’t sad indie girl exactly but it’s actually a beautiful mingling of acoustic guitar and vocal harmonies which brings me back to my early teens when I used to ask anyone who’d listen to start a girl band (despite having no talent!)

© Saddest Factory Records/ Dead Oceans, 2021.

White Lies, As I Try Not To Fall Apart

I get a lot of my music taste from my parents and British band White Lies are just one of the artists I know through them (and one of the only radio stations I listen to willingly, Radio X).

Released on my birthday, this song is an indie crowd pleaser with thumping drums, distinctive vocals and catchy guitar hooks.

© [PIAS] Recordings, 2021.

Sam Fender, Get You Down

I’ve already included a track from the Newcastle singer’s latest album in the last post but – given how good the album is – it’s no surprise there’s another one on here.

Released earlier this month, this song is all smooth vocals, soaring saxophones and thumping drums. Contrary to the title, it actually makes me feel a bit happy 😂.

© Polydor Records, Universal Records Limited, 2021.

Good Future, Socials

I’ve been loving the cover videos this act has been putting out during lockdown and, it turns out, his songs are just as good as the ones he covers.

Released in September, the song is a catchy indie pop song about the digital age.

© Good Future, 2021.

Vistas, Start Again

I’m hoping to actually see them live properly at some point — having caught the very end of their set at Neighbourhood Weekender — but listening to them on Spotify will do for now.

Released in August, the song is an upbeat indie anthem that I’m sure goes down well with a live crowd (and goes down just as well listening to it in my room, apparently!).

© Retrospect Records, 2021.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat and share recommendations! 😊.

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