First Play Friday // ‘Tiptoeing’ – Hope Tala

We’ve made it through another week 🎉! Although I’ve spent a good portion of this week hungover (it only took me getting to 24 to finally empathise with people who get hangover!), I won’t let it stop me from sharing a new song I’ve been listening to recently.

Previous tracks include ‘I Did It To Myself’ by Dakota Jones, ‘Powerhouse’ by Stranger Girl, ‘Safe Bet’ by Cucamaras, ‘Fall Away’ by Rowdy Outsider, ‘The Absence of You’ by the Islas, ‘I Only Party (w my Baby)’ by SLUGS, ‘Watching Cartoons’ by La Luz, ‘Blame It’ by Marlow, ‘Perfect Design’ by Mason Rose Gray, ‘Cosmic Saturation’ by The Velveteins , ‘Matters’ by Methyl Ethel, ‘Hard Not to Love You’ by Zola Courtney and ‘one hand on the steering wheel the other sewing a garden’ by Ada Lea.

For the fourteenth post in this series, I’m spotlighting ‘Tiptoeing’ by Hope Tala.

On this track, Tala shows off her bossa nova style R&B sound with a track full of catchy beats and Tala’s soft, melodic vocals.

Regarding the track, Tala says “(the track) is about the dance we do when we’re at the threshold of romance. It’s about treading carefully when you’re not quite sure what the other person is feeling, but desperately wanting to take a risk because you’re young and life is short.”

The easy going feel of this track is echoed in the music video, directed by Loris Russier.

We might all be in different places with regards to our love life but this song perfectly captures the awkwardness around someone you like but also the sense of fun that taking the risk teases, too.

© Hope Tala, Universal Music Operations Limited, 2021.

The track ‘Tiptoeing’ is available to stream on Spotify.


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**This track has been sent to me via Whiteboard PR. I was not instructed to review this track and all opinions of it are my own.

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