Music Mondays #45

As if it’s Monday already, where did the weekend go? I spent mine with family and then at a concert, which then lead to dancing at an indie bar in Manchester for hours.

In case you’ve forgotten what these posts are about (because I had to be honest!), I’ll be sharing 5 tracks I’ve been listening to and loving at the moment.

Walt Disco, Selfish Lover

Considering I saw this band in Manchester last night, I might as well share one of their tracks for this playlist.

The track is fast paced and fun and sounds just as incredible in front of a live audience (I would definitely recommend going to see this band live if you get the chance).

© Lucky Number Music Limited, 2021.

Metronomy (feat. Biig Piig), 405

As I’m still working from home (for the minute at least!), I’ve had to make sure I’ve got plenty of tunes to listen to and this one is one I’ve had on repeat all last week (and probably this week as well, let’s be honest).

The track is a slower paced, chilled out song with a very catchy hook.

© Because Music Ltd, 2021.

The Sherlocks, World I Understand

I’m hoping I’ll pick up press tickets for their gig next year but, for now, listening to the band will have to do.

The track is a high energy indie anthem that I’m sure will go down well with a live crowd.

© TeddyBoy Records, 2021.

Red Rum Club, Drown

After seeing everyone and their Mum was at their homecoming gig, it’s no wonder their latest single is on this week’s tracks.

The track is a catchy indie anthem that I can only imagine went down really well with the live crowd.

© Modern Sky U.K., 2021.

T Truman, Loretta

Considering he supported Walt Disco on their Manchester tour date last night, I might as well share one of T Truman’s tracks this week.

The track is a catchy indie track full of satire and 70’s pop vibes, it’s effortlessly cool and brilliant live as well.

© T Truman, 2020.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat and share recommendations! 😊.

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