Monthly Wrap-Up: October

It’s ironic that it’s Halloween and the only thing scarier than my hangover at the moment is how quickly this month has gone. The almost start of one month means another wrap-up post (don’t forget to catch up with my posts for: January , February , March, April, May, June, July, August and September ).

October was a good month. I spent a lot of time with family and friends and – tomorrow night – I officially move in to my new home. I’ll be sad to leave the house I’ve lived in since I was born, but I can’t wait to make new memories and become more independent. I actually went into the office for the first time in over a year and, despite the initial apprehension, it was nice to actually see co-worker’s faces!

This month, I also attended an event at a local venue – which really brought it home how important friendships are – and I began writing for Riot Mag.

I didn’t watch that much this month, but what I did get round to watching (for the most point) I enjoyed.

Starting with TV shows, I binge watched 3 very popular shows: Midnight Mass, Squid Game and Only Murders in the Building. Midnight Mass was an interesting, sometimes slightly off putting show with fantastic acting. Squid Game was a captivating social commentary with a slightly disappointing ending. Only Murders in the Building was a funny, wild show with a fantastic cast.

Now, onto films! I watched four films this month and they were: Ode to Joy, Jennifer’s Body, The Guilty and Palm Springs. Ode to Joy was a light, but not particularly memorable romantic comedy. Jennifer’s Body was a strange, cult-classic that threw me with the twists and turns. The Guilty was interesting, plot-twist filled film. I’ve seen Palm Springs before but watching it a second time just confirmed that I’m a sucker for time travel related films.

I posted a short and sweet TBR for November and I can’t wait to get stuck into the books soon.

This month, I finished three books: Twelve Days to Save Christmas, The Party Crasher and Conversations on Love. Even though I’m a massive Grinch (and October is far too early to read Christmas books!), I really enjoyed Twelve Days to Save Christmas. I thought it would be a romantic comedy but, really, it was about community and finding your feet after a break-up.

The Party Crasher felt a bit on the nose for me, as these last few days have centred around me packing up bits from my childhood home much like the protagonist of this book. I can’t remember reading anything by Kinsella before but I loved the humour and heart you could clearly see had gone into the book.

I finished reading Conversations on Love on the day I posted this wrap-up. If you’ve been following my WWW Wednesday posts, you’ll know I’ve been reading this book for (what feels like) the longest time. I usually race through books, particularly non-fiction (because the focus just seems to be getting it read and out the way – so I can read some fiction again!), but I’ve really taken my time with this one. I’ll post my full review of it soon but I’ll just say – whether you’re a fan of non-fiction or not – this is a book that’s worth reading.

As well as Music Mondays and First Play Friday , I also listened to the new single by Red Rum Club and the latest album from Matt Maltese.

🗓 🗓

So that’s my monthly wrap-up for September. I’d love to know how your month was, what have you got up to/been watching/been reading? I’d love to chat with you in the comments.

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