Music Mondays #47

It was only about an hour ago that I remembered it was Monday, so that might just be an omen for how chaotic this week is going to be (hopefully not, though!). Monday doesn’t just symbolise the start of a new week, for readers of this blog (and avid new music fans), it also means Music Monday a.k.a my chance to share 5 tracks (either old or new) I’ve been loving at the moment.

Faye Webster, Right Side of My Neck

Prior to this song popping up on a playlist a while ago, I’d never heard of the Atlanta native.

This song, a track from Webster’s 2019 album Atlanta Millionaires Club, is a soft, country-style song that’s gorgeous to listen to when you’re unwinding after a hard day.

© Secretly Canadian, 2019.

Alfie Templeman, 3D Feelings

I saw Alfie Templeman at Neighbourhood Weekender 2021 and can safely say he lives up to rave reviews and – since that gig – I’ve automatically made sure I’m up to date with his latest releases.

Like his last album, this song is full of fun and upbeat music against Templeman’s polished vocals – it kind of feels like a song for summer…in winter?

© Chess Club Records, AWAL Recordings, 2021.

Foals, Wake Me Up

I’m hoping, after several delays, to see the Oxford band in 2022 and — as well as several of the newer, and older, songs — I can’t wait to hear this track live.

The song is full of fun and effortlessly cool, the track we need to get us motivated in the not quite post Covid world we’re living in.

© Warner Music U.K. Limited, Foals, 2021.

Snail Mail, Valentine

As someone whose been on my radar for a while, I was made up when I’d found out this act had released an album a few days ago.

The title track is a roaring, thumping sort of love song that grabs your attention straight away and ensures you keep listening to the album.

© Matador Records, 2021.

Seafoam Walls, AI

I love championing new music on this blog so I thought I’d finish with an act I’d only heard of the other day – when I agreed to write a feature on them!

This track, their latest release, is a woozy, relaxing song that is very easy to listen to and get lost in.

© Daydream Library, 2021.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat and share recommendations! 😊.

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