Music Mondays #49

After a weekend of celebrating, making memories and friends in the new house and going to see the latest Ghostbusters film, I’m back to the daily grind…which means I definitely need some music to keep me going.

Here are 5 tracks I’ve been listening to and loving at the moment.

Mellah, Hitchin

Although I do gravitate to the slightly loud indie crowd pleasers, I also love calmer, but tuneful tracks – which this song by south-east London based vocalist Mellah proves to be.

After a bit of a heavy weekend, the song puts me at ease and makes me think I might just be able to get through the week (maybe!).

Lazarus Kane, Night Walking

This song from the Bristol based outfit takes the playlist up a notch as its full of energy.

I might be listening to it in British winter but it has me thinking back to sunnier days and brighter nights, plus I think it’d be great live as well.

DUO, Don’t Judge

I didn’t think this London pairing was a thing but, honestly, I can’t argue with it.

The voices mingle beautifully in this track and, despite the slightly angsty lyrics, it’s a surprisingly upbeat track.

Future Islands, Peach

As much as I love to say my music taste is entirely down to me, I get a lot of my music recommendations from my family.

Thanks to my Dad, I heard this track a while back and haven’t stopped listening to it since. The vocals are so distinctive and interesting you can’t help but be captivated.

Plastic Mermaids, Disco Wings

I love anyone with a bit of a unique sound so the Isle of Wight five-piece definitely fit the bill.

The track has a cool, captivating sound (and title) and it’s the kind of track you’ll find yourself returning to.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat and share recommendations! 😊.

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You can also follow the playlist on Spotify.

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