Monthly Wrap-Up: November

We’ve almost made it through 2021 😅. I might have forgotten to post this yesterday but here it is: my November wrap up! (don’t forget to catch up with my posts for: January , February , March, April, May, June, July, August, September and October).

November was an exciting month. It was my first month in the new house, I attended an event at my local Body Shop store and I’ve been enjoying life outside of all the things I post on the blog (though I’ll be glad once I get properly back into posting).

I didn’t watch much TV this month (or at least I didn’t finish watching many series!) but I did watch a few good shows. I watched both season 1 and 2 of Good Girls which is a lot more drama than comedy but still a good watch.

I also watched the latest season of You which – though I think it doesn’t really need another season – I really enjoyed.

Finally, obviously, I tuned into the latest series of The Great British Bake Off. I kind of feel like the creations on display were better in the early series (Read: the Bread Lion) but I absolutely adored the bakers this year and I was more than happy with the result.

I watched 7 films this month. I half paid attention to Nightbooks, actually quite enjoyed the festive cringe-fest Love Hard and really liked Red Notice. I rewatched the absolute classic that is Princess Diaries 2 (if you haven’t seen these films, please watch them – you are missing out!), got nostalgic for Italy thanks to Luca, got spooked by Ghostbusters: Afterlife and rolled my eyes a lot at Shallow Hal.

I posted a slightly longer TBR for December which I can’t wait to get into.

This month, I read two books: White Wedding and Everyone You Hate Is Going to Die . After reading the author’s last two books, White Wedding was a nice end. I couldn’t read more books about these characters but I was happy with where the book went and alluded to by the end.

I’ve been loving non-fiction and Everyone You Hate Is Going to Die was no different. It was funny, thoughtful and jam-packed with Sloss’s trademark humour.

As well as Music Mondays and First Play Friday , I also listened to the latest Wet Leg singles and the latest Spector single.

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