My Favourite Albums of 2021

After a bit of a disappointing year for music in 2020, things amped up in 2021.

I attended my first concert of the year as part of a pilot scheme and I was more grateful than ever to be in amongst a crowd of sweaty, drunk people and live music.

It actually proved more difficult for me to pick my favourite albums this year but I’ve done it! Not only is this post nice for me look back on but it might inspire you to give some new music a listen.

The Vaccines, Back in Love City

I reviewed this album back in September and throughly enjoyed listening to it over and over since then.

I’ve been a fan of the English indie-rock band since their early days so I was more than happy when I heard they were releasing new music. I’m happy to report this album not only lived up to expectations but exceeded them, as it’s a taste of their signature sound but also a step in a new, slightly experimental direction.

Hopefully if this year plays ball, I’ll be hearing some of the album live and I can’t wait.

Wolf Alice, Blue Weekend

There’s a lot of hype surrounding this band and, after this album’s release, it’s not hard to see why.

They aren’t a band I follow much but I loved this album. It’s full of stunning harmonies, catchy riffs and it shows how the band aren’t afraid to experiment with their sound.

I’ll be keeping an eye on their socials this year as they’re an act I’d love to see live.

Liz Lawrence, The Avalanche

Now, for an artist that deserves more hype. I only discovered Lawrence’s music a few years ago but, even as someone who’s definitely not musically gifted (the failed keyboard lessons and dodgy shower singing are a testament to this), I can tell a lot of hard work went into this album.

I really liked this album, it’s full of soaring vocals, soft instrumentals and it embodies the cautious optimism I think a lot of us had last year about getting back to “normal” and adjusting to whatever it was.

Last year, I managed to see Liz Lawrence perform in Liverpool and I’d highly recommend you do as well.

Sam Fender, Seventeen Going Under

And now for an album that got so much attention last year, it has made its way onto every single video on Tiktok.

Fender’s latest is well deserving of its hype as his Geordie drawl takes the listener through a journey which feels emotional, personal and gritty.

I got to see Sam Fender at Neighbourhood Weekender and highly recommend you see him live as well, as he knows how to work a crowd.

Red Rum Club, How To Steal The World

I’m all about supporting my local music scene and Red Rum Club are a Liverpool band I would recommend everyone listen to.

The band’s latest is more of the same, energetic indie tracks full of trumpets and it was perfect full pulling me out of the funk I got myself in towards the end of the year.

I had the pleasure of seeing them at Neighbourhood Weekender and they easily found their way on my (very long) list of bands that sound even better live.

🎵 🎵

So, there we have it, My Favourite Albums of 2021. This one proved trickier to write than the last, and I know I’ve left off more great albums. The standard of album releases in 2021 has only got me more excited for the year ahead where music is concerned.

That being said, I hope you enjoyed this post and you can always find more things music here.

What were your favourite albums of 2021? I’d love to chat (and get some recommendations!).

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