Music Mondays #53

Just like that, it’s another Monday. Before I curse how quickly the weekend comes and goes, I thought I’d do my usual on Monday and share 5 tracks I’ve been listening to recently.

Men I Trust, Show Me How

As much as I love a wild indie crowd pleaser, I also really appreciate softer songs from time to time.

This track, a 2018 release from Canadian indie band Men I Trust, is full of soft guitar and angelic vocals- the perfect track to ease you into a new week (which I’m sure will never get easier 😂).

Fräulein, Belly

Taking this week’s set of tracks up a notch is this roaring alternative single from duo Fräulein.

This track, released last year, is full of thumping drums and soaring, gritty vocals.

Prima Queen, Chew My Cheeks

Injecting a bit of fun into this week’s set of songs is the latest from the alt-rock band Prima Queen.

The track, released last year, is an energetic alt-rock song with an extremely catchy hook.

Geese, Low Era

Adding more rock to the playlist is the latest single from American rock outfit Geese.

The track, released last year, is a thumping rock song with smooth harmonies and a groovy sound to it.

Bastille, Shut Off The Lights

Finishing this week’s music picks is the latest from U.K. band Bastille.

The song, released this month, is a high energy pop song which I’m sure will go down well in a live crowd.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat and share recommendations! 😊.

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