Monthly Wrap-Up: March

We’ve (almost) made it through another month 🎉. This month, I celebrated two of my best friend’s birthdays, saw Gang of Youths live for a second time (highly recommend seeing them if you haven’t) and I was offered a fixed term appointment at my job (which, despite the days when I wake up and feel like doing anything other than work, I’m more than happy to accept). I also enjoyed a few events which have made me incredibly thankful for this blog and the opportunities I have been given as a result of JenRoseWrites.

This month I also experienced the highs and lows of, what I’ve come to realise was, a situationship (I’m cringing having to write that word 😂). I enjoyed getting to know this person but I think we both came to the realisation that it wasn’t going to work in the long term. I let myself be sad about it but, considering we’re almost in a new month, I’m going to spend the next month (and the rest of the year) enjoying life as it is now and just letting whatever opportunities- romantic and otherwise- come my way.

I’ve actually not watched much in March, probably down to going out to gigs, dates and whatever else I’ve been up to. On Channel 4, I finally caught up with the latest series of The Great Pottery Throwdown (yes, I am a grown woman with the television taste of an old person). On BBC Three, I watched the second series of Starstruck. Even though I spent a good portion of this month either confused by a man or disappointed because of one, I still really enjoyed watching this series and I hope more realistic romances like this one find their way on our screens (although dating a famous actor is

In terms of movies, I was more successful, getting through 9 this month! I started the month with a mystery in the form of Netflix’s The Weekend Away. It got a bad rep press wise but I actually quite enjoyed it. Next off, I had two nostalgia hits with The Lizzie McGuire Movie and the second Inbetweeners Movie. I watched (and loved) Pixar’s Turning Red and rewatched a favourite of mine, Moonrise Kingdom.

I caught the surreal rom-com Fresh (which definitely conveys the scary and downright weirdness of online dating, and then some!), rewatched Baby Teeth and The Other Woman. I finished the month with Frances Ferguson, which I liked even though not much happened.

You might have noticed, like last month, I haven’t posted a TBR for the month ahead. I do like following a TBR but I also really enjoyed just letting myself decide what I want to read and going with it.

I had a fairly ok reading month this month, getting through 5 books. After watching the movie last month, I finally read The Hating Game. It’s by no means the best enemies to lovers book I’ve ever read but it’s not the worst book I’ve ever read either. I read my second non-fiction book of the year this month, A Half Baked Idea, and throughly enjoyed the delicious and emotional narrative. After that, I read Self Esteem which — after my “break up” of sorts —- felt like the poetry had been written by or for me. I finished the month of with two romances, The Kiss Quotient and Mad About You (my review for that one is coming next month!).

*A lot of reviews will be posted next month so keep an eye out!

I have absolutely been slacking on Music Mondays posts (they will be back soon, I promise!) but I have enjoyed listening to a fair few songs including the latest from CMAT (which I reviewed for Riot Mag here) and the latest EP from T Truman (which I reviewed for Riot Mag here).

So that’s another wrap up done! Don’t forget to check out my previous wrap up posts and follow the blog and socials to keep up to date with all things Jen Rose Writes!

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