WWW Wednesday (11th May 2022)

I was in a right funk last month but, you’ll be thankful to know, I’m feeling better! I’m settling into my new role, I’m writing more music based content (including this review of what I think will probably end up on my Top Albums of 2022) and I’m just letting myself live without putting too much pressure on things to be like some sort of chick-lit novel. This also means I’m making sure I get some reading time in whilst I can, which I’m using these posts to update you on.

As I always make sure to mention, I’m following the WWW Wednesday questions created by Sam:

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?

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I’m not a massive believer in astrology but I am a massive lover of reading how dumped girls can turn their lives around (truly inspiring content as someone who isn’t girlfriend material but could just “be friends” with a good portion of men from the North West of England…) and — though it does feel like something I’ve probably read thousands of times over —- I’m actually enjoying this one!

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Full review to come but I finished this book a few days ago! It was, as the title says, not what I had in mind. It was also a pretty interesting, topic packed book.

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I haven’t planned my reads for ages but, as luck (or Fate, perhaps?) would have it, this one literally landed on my doorstep this afternoon and — considering I’m one of the early dates for the blog tour next month — I thought I best read it.

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