Music Mondays #58

I spent Saturday watching Seb Lowe, Brooke Combe, Red Rum Club and Miles Kane, which was a fantastic gig! It definitely got my excitement levels up for Neighbourhood Weekender and has only reaffirmed that I’m at my happiest just enjoying music.

With that in mind, here’s 5 tracks I’ve been listening to and loving recently:

Everything Everything, Jennifer

Whilst it doesn’t have particularly inspirational or motivational lyrics (particularly if you’re named Jennifer), there’s no denying this track — from Manchester band Everything Everything’s latest album, Raw Data Feel — is a good one.

This song combines soft vocals with an infectious hook which (trust me) sounds even better live.

Harry Styles, Late Night Talking

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll probably know all about a certain ex-One Direction member’s latest album Harry’s House.

This song is a fun dash of pop, with catchy instrumentals which might just have you pining for whoever it is you spend the night texting (unless you’re single and tired, like me, then it’s just a good song).

Tessa Violet, Bad Ideas

This is one of those songs where I spent 80% of it enjoying it and 20% wondering if it’s on an advert (if not, it should be).

This song is bouncy and addictive, with soft vocals and upbeat instrumentals.

Glass Animals, Pork Soda

As much as I love championing new music on the blog, there’s nothing better than rediscovering songs you’d forgotten about.

This song is infused with synths and fun beats, it’s definitely the kind of song to get you out of your Monday related funk.

Lorde, Ribs

Once again, I’m throwing it back a bit this week with another tune I’d forgotten about.

The song is smooth and so easy to listen to, just the kind of song you need to ease you into whatever the week has in store.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat and share recommendations!

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