Monthly Wrap-up: May

The start of a new month means I’m reflecting on the previous one and what a cool month May has been. I went to a few influencer events (which I’m incredibly grateful for, once I get my imposter syndrome in check), started catching up on my rescheduled gigs and went to my first (and definitely not my last, but more on that in a later post) single’s event.

I actually didn’t watch much TV or films last month. I started and finished Catastrophe on Amazon Prime, which was awkward and funny and I hope we get more honest rom-coms like that in the future. I also watched Heartstoppers on Netflix, which has really made me want to read the rest of the comic series it’s based on. I rounded off the month by watching Jimmy Carr’s Netflix special, His Dark Material.

In terms of films, I started the month off with a nostalgic hit – Wild Child. This film is absolute catnip to me, even though I’ve seen it probably hundreds of times I can’t help but come back to it. Then, I had the semi-annual movie night with my parents and we watched The Tender Bar on Amazon Prime. It’s not the usual type of movie I’d watch, but it was very interesting. I rounded the month off with Playing It Cool, a trashy rom-com I can’t remember much about apart from the fact that it starred pre-Captain America Chris Evans, which is good enough for me.

I had an ok reading month last month, getting through 6! I started the month off with Not What I Had In Mind (which you can find out my thoughts on next month). Next, I read the first volume of Heartstoppers. I then read What Planet Can I Blame This On? I rounded the month off with The Set Up, Nora Goes Off Script and Double Booked – which I’ll be posting reviews for soon.

I’ve more or less caught back up with Music Mondays (and I’m debating whether to bring back First Play Fridays) and have enjoyed plenty of new and old music last month.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably streamed the living daylights out of Harry Styles’ latest album (I know I have!). I also really liked Everything Everything’s latest album too!

So that’s another wrap up done! Don’t forget to check out my previous wrap up posts and follow the blog and socials to keep up to date with all things Jen Rose Writes!

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