Music Mondays #59

It’s the first Music Mondays post of a new month. Last month was pretty cool but, amongst whatever I get up to this month, I’ve realised more than ever that I am accountable for myself and how I feel. So, instead of wallowing (although an occasional wallow, and a more frequent emotional check-up on myself, is allowed), I’m going to take the steps to making myself feel better mentally, including filling my playlist with tunes and letting myself get lost in music.

Anyway, let’s get on with five songs I’ve been loving at the moment.

Fuzzy Sun, Heavy

Apparently an unofficial goal of mine is to fill my playlists with Stockport bands, Fuzzy Sun being my latest choice.

Funnily enough they sound quite similar to this band with similar guitar heavy tracks and moody, captivating vocals.

Henry And The Waiter, Don’t Wanna Die Alone

Nope, you haven’t stumbled onto my Tinder (though that’d be a funny Top Track choice, I guess), you’ve just stumbled on the soft, summery tunes I love this time of year — even if nobody’s told the weather to perk up.

There’s a smooth, easy feel to this track which reminded me of early Milky Chance tracks I can’t wait to return to when the weathers a bit warmer.

Cassia, 16-18 – Why You Lacking Energy?

I saw the Macclesfield band a second time at Sound City and was reminded how much I love their summery, upbeat vibe.

The song is full of upbeat instrumentals and silky harmonies (though it does remind me that I’ve definitely lost the energy I had at 16-18 😂).

RAHEL, Nur Eine Phase

I have a secret (or I guess not so secret) soft spot for music in a different language and not only does this track sound quite beautiful, it’s also really cool.

There’s a futuristic sound to this track, almost 70s/80s feel to it…even if I don’t have a clue what the words mean!

Say Yes Dog, Lies

I fully get the appeal of weird band names and I fell in love with Say Yes Dog before I even heard this track, it just so happens the track is good, as well.

There’s a Darwin Deez feel to this track, full of smooth guitar and futuristic sounding synths.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat and share recommendations!

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