Blog Tour Book Review: The Set Up by Lizzy Dent

Book reviews are back this month 🎉! As much as I’ve enjoyed getting through books on my Kindle, I love shouting about new releases too! So, obviously, I was made up when Penguin Books let me in on the blog tour for The Set Up, the sophomore effort from Lizzy Dent.

A massive thanks to Lizzy and the publishers, Penguin Books, for my copy of this book and my spot on the tour.


She has a plan. Fate has other ideas.

The last place very average thirty-one-year-old Mara Williams thought she’d be is on a solo vacation impersonating her fortune teller when she finally meets the one. Josef, a gorgeous Austrian cellist, sits down for a reading and before she knows it, she’s telling him his destiny will be sitting in a pub in the English seaside town of Broadgate on the last Friday of August. And her name is Mara.

Enter Project Mara: three months to turn herself into the stylish, confident woman she’s always hoped to be. Meanwhile, the crumbling, formerly glamorous beachside pool club where she works is under threat and her eccentric colleagues enlist her help to save it, just as a handsome new housemate casts doubts on her ideas about “the one.” Can Mara pull off the transformation of a lifetime? And by summer’s end, will she know who is her destiny?

My Thoughts

After her stellar debut The Summer Job , I was pretty excited to find out where Lizzy Dent was going to go next. Turns out, she takes her readers to Budapest…and Broadgate.

The Set Up follows Mara who is finding her feet and looking to the stars for answers. After a not-so-chance (but definitely bizarre) encounter with a fortune teller, Mara has her sights on Josef — a handsome musician. In a very sudden, but very bold (much bolder than I, I must say!) move, she plots so they can meet in real time…

Before I spoil the whole thing, let’s get into what I thought of it. I took a little bit longer to warm to this book than its predecessor, however, when I did it was a hit.

Whilst Mara did grate on me a little (I figured it’s because she reminded me of me!), I did like seeing her character develop as the narrative progressed and more characters got involved.

Speaking of characters, I loved the banter between the side characters and Mara and I liked how they all brought her out of her shell as the book went on.

An easy, fun community filled read (with a hint of romance). If The Set Up isn’t on your summer reading list, get it on there!

You can follow Lizzy Dent on her website, Instagram and Twitter.

You can buy this book here.

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