Book Review: Self Esteem by Rebecca Lucy Taylor

If you’ve read my latest post, you’ll know that I’m very behind on my book reviews. So, here’s another review of a book I read way back in March.

I was lucky enough to see Rebecca Lucy Taylor, a.k.a Self Esteem, at Liverpool Sound City in May and it was amazing to hear snippets of this poetry put to music (and very impressive choreography, which is coming from someone who can’t pull off the timing of the Macarena at twenty-four). I think this book reminded me, after studying poetry on and off during uni, I actually quite like it.


SELF ESTEEM is a glimpse into Rebecca Lucy Taylor’s personal and professional journey to becoming a solo artist. Part-diary, part-poetry, this collection of Rebecca’s thoughts, lyrics, drafts and notes is a look into the deepest corners of Rebecca’s mind – and her phone.

My Thoughts

I have a difficult relationship with poetry. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy reading the “great” poets from years ago (and some more modern poets, too) but part of why I struggle with it is that — like most literature — you don’t always have a clue what these writers are getting at.

Luckily, the poetry of Rebecca Lucy Taylor (better known as Self Esteem, her pop persona) isn’t like that. It’s not a grand epic or a sprawling collection of made up words, it’s just simply a person getting their (actually pretty relatable) thoughts on paper.

Written in the style of phone notes, the book is portable and ridiculously easy to get through and — if I didn’t think highlighting books was slightly sacrilegious —- I’m sure I would’ve taken a pen to the whole thing because it truly felt like she’d crawled into my brain and yanked my feelings straight out onto the page.

I feel like sometimes all we need is a laugh and this collection of poetry certainly delivers on that.

You can follow Rebecca on Twitter and Instagram .

You can buy this book here

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