Twenty four things I learned at 24

I loved writing these posts (I wrote one when I turned 22 and another at 23) so, in an attempt to ward off the ageing blues, I thought I’d write another.

Tomorrow I turn 25 and, before a full existential crisis kicks in, I thought I’d let you into what I learned at 24.

1. Getting yourself out there isn’t as bad as you think

If (like me) you’ve spent pretty much your entire life single, you’ve probably had some well meaning person say you “need to get yourself out there”. Whether it’s in person singles events, or events for content creators, I’ve spent a fair bit of my twenty fourth year ‘getting myself out there’ and I’m so glad I have.

2. It’s lovely to see people happy

I used to be really negative and admittedly jealous when people would flaunt their achievements but – as I’ve gotten older – I’ve realised it’s lovely to see people happy.

3. Moving out was one of the best things I’ve ever done

This is of course no disrespect to my parents but I think taking that step away from them, and moving into my first home, was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

4. Below Deck is one of the greatest shows on TV right now

Move over hard hitting dramas and TV shows with substance, give me a show about people slowly losing the plot on a boat and I’ll be more than happy.

5. I want to go to more festivals

This year I went to my first ‘proper’ festival (which I of course reviewed here) and, as well as finding out red wine isn’t that bad, it definitely made me want to go to a music festival again.

6. He’s not worth getting upset about

Earlier this year, I ended something with a guy I liked a lot more than I thought I would and – admittedly- this got to me a lot more than expected. I do have my down days about it, and sometimes I wonder what could have been, but I’m realising more and more he is absolutely not worth getting upset about.

7. There’s nothing a good playlist can’t help

No explanation needed.

8. Laughter is the best medicine

Life is too short and too crazy not to laugh at whatever you can.

9. Ask for help

Life is constantly changing and sometimes it’s overwhelming but it’s more than ok to ask for help.

10. Allow yourself to feel feelings

I think big meltdowns happen when I haven’t let myself process emotions so I’ve learnt you’re absolutely allowed to process emotions. Feel your feelings and move forward.

11. Tomatoes are still gross

It doesn’t matter how you dress them up, tomatoes are still disgusting.

12. Make a move

It’s scary but make a move. Message them. Snog that person on a night out. Either it’ll work out in your favour or it’s just another funny story.

13. Liverpool is a fantastic city

Exploring my city through my food blog, I’ve come to realise just how beautiful Liverpool is. There’s so much to offer there and I’m glad I still have plenty of time to explore,

14. Water your plants

You’re a terrible plant parent.

15. There’s nothing better than reading

I love a good book. Some things never change.

16. Drink more water

Your skin and general health will thank you.

17. Stop watching the news

It’s just depressing. Get out and enjoy the sunshine instead.

18. Dance parties are good for the soul

You can’t dance but a good dance will make you feel good.

19. Your body is only part of you

You can have bad body image days, but you don’t have a bad body.

20. Talk it out

As much as you can and should enjoy quiet moments, talking to anyone and everyone is good as well.

21. Take pictures

Of everything. With everyone. Capture moments.

22. Holidays are good for you

Take time away from your home, it’ll do you wonders.

23. It’s ok to be proud of yourself

You’re doing great. Celebrate it.

24. You might be hurtling towards the end of your twenties but you have so much life left to live

Enjoy it. Enough said.

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