Monthly Wrap-Up: September

I might be posting my October wrap up very soon but, in amongst the whirlwind life has been recently, I had completely forgotten to post about September!

September was a jam packed month for me. I went on a few holidays, attended my first festival as press (you can read my thoughts on the festival here), attended a few influencer related things and turned 25. I also went to plenty of gigs and met 2/5 of Blossoms hungover on a street corner in Amsterdam the day we were going to their gig (which is honestly one of the best, if surreal, moments of my life!)

It feels weird getting older but I think it’s making me appreciate my life more, as scary and Big as ‘being a responsible adult’ actually is!

Anyways, let’s get to the good stuff shall we?

I didn’t watch much TV in September, probably due to the fact I was (thankfully) too busy to sit on my arse all day watching TV! That being said, I got through the second season of Never Have I Ever on Netflix (it’s trash but it’s good trash and I’m perfectly ok admitting I’m looking forward to the final season next year), the second season of the New Zealand version of Married at First Sight and the ninth season of Below Deck (if you haven’t been watching this show and its spin-offs, start: you won’t regret it!).

I was a bit luckier on the movie front, making my way through 9 films in September. I started off with a classic (which I hadn’t fully seen!) Superbad. Then I watched a new, if not very original, movie Look Both Ways (which was fine but why did they decide to cut her hair the same for both separate lives?!). I returned to one of my all-time favourites, About Time and enjoyed two new releases, Everything Everywhere All At Once and All My Friends Hate Me.

I watched Luca for a second time, enjoying it more than on first viewing (and also more than my nephews, who both zoned out halfway through!). I finished the month off with three more recent releases: Do Revenge (Loved. It.), Don’t Worry Darling (it’s Florence Pugh’s world we are just living it in) and Book of Love (Sam Claflin could play a dish towel and I’d still fancy him).

I read a lot more than I did in August, getting through 7 books! I started off with Twelve Days in May, then read The Love Arrangement , then Skip to The End and both You Had Me at Hola and A Lot Like Adios.

I rounded off the month with The Spanish Love Deception and the darker, original The Little Mermaid.

I’ve been awful with Music Mondays this month (I swear I’ll get back to normal programming soon!) but luckily I listened to some great stuff in September, including the latest album from Courting and the latest from Sorcha Richardson.

So that’s another wrap up done! Don’t forget to check out my previous wrap up posts and follow the blog and socials to keep up to date with all things Jen Rose Writes!

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