Jen Rose Writes in 2023 – what does it look like?

Long time no post, my apologies! As a new year approaches, and after a fair bit of reflection on my end, I’ve had some thoughts about my blog and what I want from it in 2023.

Since starting the blog in August 2018, a lot has changed. The blog began as a way for me to post about, and navigate, Uni life and what my life might be like after it. It was an accurate representation of me at the time, but who I was then and who I am now is pretty different.

I might have the student loan debt to prove it but my student days are far from over. I no longer have the luxury of copious amounts of free time to write as I have a full time job and other responsibilities I didn’t have in my student days and I have changed, too.

So..what does this mean?

JenRoseWrites has changed over the years, as it went from a blog about uni life to a blog littered with posts about books, a popular baking show and whatever else my brain conjured up. I had the luxury of time to spend writing content when I started the blog which meant I churned out a lot of posts. I haven’t had the time or motivation to do that for a lot of the year and, with the price of WordPress increasing, I figured it’s time to say to goodbye to this blog…as you know it here.

As of 2023, I’ll no longer be posting on this blog but instead moving to this one.

What can we expect from Jen Rose Writes moving forward?

The blog will still be very much the same, with me (Jen, in case you weren’t following) at the helm, but it will be more of the content I’ve come to love over the years – both as a reader and a writer.

Restaurant, bar and nightlife reviews

In lockdown, I started my Instagram page which focuses on showcasing my favourite places for eating, drinking and activities in both my hometown of Liverpool and other places. It started as a hobby but has since grown into an outlet which has given me a lot of opportunities.

I love shouting about places on that account and want expand these posts and experiences to full blog posts in the New Year.

More film, TV and Book content

I’ve posted a lot about books on the blog and that will not change (you can expect my top reads of 2022 on my new blog very soon), I’ll just be adding to it. I watch a lot of films and TV and will be sharing reviews and lists of films and TV I’ve watched.

Music content

I’ve posted about music on the blog here and there and I want that to continue now I’ve moved platform. So expect plenty of music related posts, from shouting out individual tracks to reviewing gigs I’ll be heading to in the new year.

More lifestyle content

At the heart of my blog, from name alone, is me. So I’m going to be sharing more about life, from my experience with dating to whatever lifestyle content I decide fits with the blog and the person I am now.

Some final thoughts

I really wanted to stick with this blog but the increase in price was not something I wanted to deal with in the long term. It didn’t feel right in the current climate to be paying for a blog I haven’t kept at its best, so moving to a free platform is the way forward.

I hope that those who liked my content will continue to follow the blog in its new incarnation and I can’t wait for what the future holds for me and the blog. I’ll see you all in the new year for more of the same (plus some fresh content) very soon.

This blog will be available to read until August 2023 when my domain runs out. Don’t forget to follow me on socials and on my new blog for all things Jen Rose Writes.

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