About Me


Welcome to this little corner of the internet. I started this blog, Jen Rose Writes, in August 2018 – after finishing university. It started as a way for me to get myself writing (something I really want to do, and like to do, but never seem to have the motivation 😂!), at first about books, baking and being a student.

Here’s my face ✌🏻

Since then, my blog has grown – and so has my confidence and pride in it. Now, not only have I connected with some lovely people through blogging, I’ve gained the confidence to talk about anything and everything on the blog – and I couldn’t be happier!

Outside of blogging, I’m happy with a gin in my hand, a book to read, a Spotify playlist, people to see and dogs to pet.

For more things books, baking and everything in between, you can find me on:

🌹 jenrosewrites@hotmail.com

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