ARC Review: The Wish List by Sophia Money-Coutts


I received an ARC of this book in via HQ and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.



You want me to write a list? Like a shopping list?’ 
Gwendolyn nodded. ‘Exactly. But for what you want from a man, not ASDA.’

Florence Fairfax isn’t lonely. She loves her job at the little bookshop in Chelsea and her beloved cat Marmalade keeps her company at night. She might have been single for quite a while – well, forever actually, if anyone’s asking – but she’s perfectly happy, thank you. And then Florence meets eccentric love coach Gwendolyn, and everything changes.

When Gwendolyn makes Florence write a wish list describing her perfect man, Florence refuses to take it seriously. Finding someone who likes cats, has the sexual athleticism of James Bond and can overlook her ‘counting’ habit? Impossible! Until, later that week, a handsome blond man asks for help in the bookshop…

Rory seems to fit the list perfectly. But is he “the one”, or simply too good to be true? Florence is about to find out that her criteria for Mr Right aren’t as important as she thought – and that perhaps she’s been looking for love in all the wrong places.

My thoughts

I’m somebody that will give all books a chance but, when I really think about it, there’s something about reading a fluffy, funny romance that makes me feel good. The Wish List definitely fits that description.

As someone who hasn’t had a boyfriend – but has had a few doomed dates and less than a few almost boyfriends in their time – I instantly felt a connection to Florence, the thirty something woman that this book follows.

Having a boyfriend isn’t at the top of her list of priorities but – thanks to her eccentric and class-driven step-mother – she finds herself attending sessions with love coach Gwendolyn, which changes her mindset and her life.

Initially, I wasn’t sure if I’d like Florence, as the character’s tone reminded me of Eleanor (from Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, a book I’ve been determined to read for ages but I just haven’t managed to get passed the first page) – a character I’m not crazy about. As I read on, though, I realised there was more to her than her odd habits, her cat and this desire for love that is suddenly instilled in her. She’s actually a funny, likeable and vulnerable character – I was either laughing with her or empathising for her.

The concept of a “list” in this novel, and the whole plot revolving around the quirky love guru, wasn’t what made this a good book for me. What I liked was the fact that the characters were so well written, I felt connected to everyone from Florence’s two half-sisters to her colleagues Zachary, Eugene and even her cat! These characters were all likeable in their own way and I couldn’t help but feel as though they were people I knew.

I wasn’t keen on Rory and Florence together, though. There’s no denying if a boy came up to me and talked about books with me I’d probably want him to be my boyfriend, too, but his character just got on my nerves from the get-go. I think that was supposed to happen but, because I didn’t like his character, it meant the romance between them fell flat.

The Wish List is a funny, character-driven book full of fun, family and finding out Mr Perfect is out there…he just might be somebody different than you thought!

The Wish List will be published on 6th August 2020.

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5 thoughts on “ARC Review: The Wish List by Sophia Money-Coutts

  1. This sounds like a fun holiday style read. Not my typical genre but something light and fluffy feels good every now and then. Well written characters can truly make or break a book so this one sounds amazing. I’m glad you enjoyed it! x


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    1. Yeah, it would be a good read for a holiday- definitely perfect for something easy whilst all this corona madness is going on 😂. I think the characters definitely made the book, more than the plot. Thanks for reading 😊 x


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