WWW Wednesday (3rd March 2021)

It’s another WWW Wednesday post! Though I did wake up thinking it was Thursday (and made myself sad when I realised it wasn’t), I’m still happy that we’re nearing the end of another week (the first week of a new month).

I shared my March TBR last week and, you’ll be glad to know, I’ve already made a start on these books.

As always, it’s worth noting that this weekly meme was created by Sam and centred around answering the following questions:

What are you currently reading?

What did you recently finish reading?

What do you think you’ll read next?

After listening to Boyfriend Material as an audiobook on Spotify and really enjoying listening to an audiobook to pass the time working from home, I started this one last week. It’s a light hearted, YA romance and I’m enjoying it so far.

I started this one when I finished work today – so it’ll take a while before I can comment on whether or not I’m enjoying it

I finished this towards the end of last month and will be sharing my thoughts on this for a blog tour on Friday – so keep an eye out. It wasn’t what I expected but it was still an emotional, fascinating read.

I actually finished this one yesterday [and will be sharing both a Q&A next week and my review on the publication date (18th March)] having raced through it in two days. I put this on my list of most anticipated books and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

I’m not in a rush to read this one – as my spot on the blog tour for this isn’t until the end of the month – but (for peace of mind, and so I can start reading my early April releases) I’m going to get started on this as soon as I can.

This is (one of) my first review posts planned for April (there are two more to be published on, and read before, April 1st!) and I’m looking forward to it. I’m a massive fan of Mhairi McFarlane so I’m hoping I’ll enjoy this one, too.

📚 📚

So there’s my answers for another WWW Wednesday. I’m kind of in denial about this week going so fast – having not done much to show for it – but I’m definitely not in denial about book related things (considering reading, talking about and writing about books is all I seem to be doing right now!).

What are you currently reading, what have you recently finished, what’s your next read(s)?

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