Music Mondays #32

I might be jinxing myself here (hopefully not) but I think I’m back in the least where Music Mondays is concerned!

As usual, I’ll be sharing 5 tracks I’ve been listening to (and loving) at the moment.

Speelburg, Everything I Know

I’d never heard of the Belgian-American artist until this song came on shuffle one day and I don’t think I’ve stopped playing it since.

Everything I Know is twinkly and fun, the perfect antidote to the unruly British weather, and it conjured up comparisons to earlier Vampire Weekend and Foster The People — two bands I love.

© Sophmore Slump, 2020.

Little Comets, Total Abject Paranoia

Surprisingly for this post series, I’ve not only heard of this Newcastle based band, I’ve actually seen them live (back when concerts were a thing…sigh).

Total Abject Paranoia is an intoxicating blend of vocal harmonies, catchy hooks and orchestral-sounding background music.


Oscar Scheller (feat. Katie Galvin), I’m Enough

After hearing a song of his featuring Marika Hackman, an artist I’m a big fan of, I’m not particularly surprised to find one of the London based songwriter’s songs on this playlist.

I’m Enough is a blend of catchy riffs, soulful harmonies and electronic beats.

© Handle With Care, 2021.

Picture This, Things Are Different

I’ve already included this Irish pop-rock band in my Music Mondays post but, after hearing this song, I knew I had to include them again.

Things Are Different is a thumping, crowd-pleaser of a pop song – one that instantly has me thinking of Sea Girls and Kodaline, two bands I’m also a fan of.

© Let’s Get It Records, LLC / Republic Records, 2021.

Hayley Williams, My Limb

Who knew I’d have my (sort of) Paramore phase at 23? Not me, but there’s no denying that this track — taken front woman Hayley Williams’ latest solo album —- is a good one.

My Limb is a combination of an engaging hook coupled with Williams’ captivating, distinctive vocals.

© Hayley Williams, distrib. by Atlantic Recording Corporation, 2021.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat and share recommendations! 😊.

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