Music Mondays #38

Pinch, punch, first Monday of the month 🎉. As I await the green light over whether or not I can see family in Spain next week, I’m trying to fill my time with less stressful things, such as books (you can read my latest review here) and music.

There was plenty of music to be heard last month and I’m hoping more new, and great, music will be released this month. For now, though, here are 5 songs I’ve been listening to —- and loving —- at the moment.

bdrumm, Gush

I’d never heard of the Hull based quintet until this song (released in July last year) came up on a Daily Mix on Spotify.

The song is a gorgeous example of dream pop, with a catchy hook and drums to ease the listener in.

© Bdrmm, Sonic Cathedral, 2020.

Far Caspian & SOMOH, Warning Sign

I’ve added a song or two by the Irish multi-instrumentalist Far Caspian before but this song (released in November last year) was new to me.

The song is a lovely combination of guitar and lo-fi melodies, perfect for summer days and nights.

© Dance to the Radio, 2020.

Horsey, Sippy Cup

I’d never heard of the South East London band until I came across this song (a track off their 2021 album Debonair).

The song is loud, eclectic and very enjoyable listening — I can only imagine how good it’d sound live.

© Untitled Recs Limited, 2021.

Baseball Gregg & Boy Romeo, Let Me Help You

I’d never heard of the pop duo until this track (released in December last year) came up on a playlist.

This song is fun, high energy and the kind of song that’ll get people up and dancing.

© Baseball Gregg, 2020.

Sunken, Visions of You

I’d never heard of the London based band until this song (released in September last year) popped up on a playlist I’d been listening to.

The song is full of dreamy vocals and a catchy hook and drums, it’s the kind of song you’ll find yourself coming back to.

© Sunken, 2020.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat and share recommendations! 😊.

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You can also follow the playlist on Spotify.

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