Music Mondays #39

I was actually pretty organised with this post for once and, more than likely, I’ll be on a sun bed or deep in tapas and alcohol when you’re reading this so — to save the incoherent, potentially drunken mess that post would be —- I typed this up last week when I was not tanned, rushing around the house trying to find a bra that had apparently being sitting on my bed all week!

Anyway, lingerie locating problems aside, here’s 5 songs I’ve been listening to (and loving) at the moment.


Whilst I’d never heard of Japanese rock band Chai, I’ve added plenty of Spanish indie rock band Hinds’ songs to my playlists over time.

This song, released in August 2020, is a fun, female led track full of catchy music and lovely vocal harmonies.

© Heavenly Recordings [PIAS], 2020.

Nancy, 7ft Tall Post Suicidal Feel Good Blues

I’d never heard of the trash pop artist Nancy until this track came up on a playlist a while back.

This song, from the 2021 album of the same name, is a woozy, synth-pop song which is both intriguing and enjoyable listening..despite the dubious title.

© B3SCI Records, 2021.

Blanketman, Leave The South

I’d never heard of the Manchester band until this song popped up on a playlist a while back.

This song, released in January this year, is a fun, tongue-in-cheek indie anthem that instantly reminded me of bands like Sports Team and some of my other, more recent favourites.

© [PIAS] Recordings, 2021.

The Night Cafe, Isn’t

I wouldn’t be able to call myself an indie music fan in Liverpool if I didn’t know this band so, I’m happy to report, I’ve not only heard of them… I actually managed to see them live a few years back.

This song, released in March this year, is a sensitive indie song which a catchy, upbeat hook and captivating vocals.

© TNC Records, AWAL Recordings Ltd, 2021.

Rostam, These Kids We Knew

In my childhood and teens, I knew Rostam as one of the members of one of my favourite bands, Vampire Weekend. Now, as an adult, I’ve realised that Rostam is a great musician in his own right.

This song, released in February this year, is an easy-going indie anthem which is lovely to listen to.

© Matsor Projects, 2021.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat and share recommendations! 😊.

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