Dissertation Diaries

Dissertation Diaries: February 2019

Hello! Again, I just want to apologise for my lack of posts. It’s not what I wanted but, honestly, third year has been a real kick up the arse so my focus has been on getting through it and not, as I would’ve liked, on posting content for all of you.

Unlike January, which seemed to take about 100 years to finish, February seemed to glide away in seconds.

In my January update, I talked about how a “glitch in my lovelife” meant I hadn’t got as far with my dissertation as I wanted to, which was incredibly annoying.

In terms of February, things have been better. I’ve spent a lot of time with friends, so it’s been the perfect way to get my mind of that person. As well as that, though, I’ve focused. I’ve been to the library, gathered information, started framing my argument better.

When I posted this entry, I had completed 2000 words (or just under, as a lot of that might be me planning what I want to say next underneath!) of my final project. Ok I still have 6000 to go (which is a lot, now I think about it), but I’m proud of what I’ve been writing so far…something I’m going to keep in mind so I can ace March and get it all done by the April deadline.

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