The Great British Bake Off, Season 10 Episode 6: My Thoughts

Last week, the bakers took on 1920s Week. Steph won Star Baker for a second time and there was a double eviction, which saw Helena and Michelle leave the competition.

This week, aside from getting over the fact I’m 22, cracking on with Blogtober and getting myself together, I sat down to watch the bakers make something more familiar: Dessert!

The bakers

As the competition surges on, I’m getting to like the bakers more. I probably say this about every series I’ve watched, but I love the friendships between the bakers this series. Sometimes I forget it’s a competition and just think it’s a group of mates baking in someone’s big kitchen.

Of course, there’s obviously front runners. Steph has shown her skills from the start, Alice is impressing, too. I also think Henry is doing pretty well. To be fair, all of these bakers who have made it this far are really good – despite their hiccups over the series.

The challenges

They’ve done Dessert Week on Bake Off before so I thought I knew what to expect from this week, especially in comparison to the bizarre weeks there have been on this years Bake Off, but (honestly) I couldn’t be more wrong!

The Signature Challenge saw the bakers make a layered meringue cake, with various flavours and plenty of colour. David impressed, as well as Steph and Henry, whilst Priya’s meringue wasn’t appetising.

Next came the Technical Challenge: verrines. I impressed my Mum because, thanks to the countless Disney vlogs I’ve watched (before and after our trip this year), I knew what it was. Saying that, there’s little chance you’d see me slaying over a sweaty kitchen to make a delicious but fiddly treat in a glass! Everyone does better than they have in the Technicals before, though Priya found herself in last place and Alice in the top spot.

For the Showstopper Challenge, the bakers were asked to make a bombe dessert. I spent the whole challenge drooling over the bakers flavours, as well as suggesting what I would do myself (Jaffa Cake bombe coming out on top for me). As with the rest of the desserts this week, this was a particularly fiddly one- as the bakers had to make sure all of their components were made correctly and set, too. Steph was praised (again, though no handshake!!), whilst the other bakers had their flaws.

The result

For the third time, Steph scooped Star Baker ( I would’ve liked someone else to get a go, but obviously she’s a contender!). This week, Priya was sent packing. I think, though she is extremely talented, she struggled these last few weeks to show Paul, Prue and the producers she was not only worth airtime but worth progressing further in the competition.

I wish they would’ve given her a fairer deal, as she seems lovely! That being said, it just shows how serious this competition is getting.

Next week, it’s Festival Week. Not sweaty tents and high priced alcohol festivals though, classy edible ones. I can’t wait to see what unfolds next week and- if you’re anything like me- you’ll be right here to find out what I think next week!

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