Killing Eve (Season 3, Episode 8) Review

It’s mad to think that, a few weeks ago, I sat down to watch the first episode of the latest series of Killing Eve and now – though I watched it a few days late – it’s all over.

You could definitely say we’ve seen the unraveling of Villanelle in this season. She’s still funny, odd and stylish but – as the series has gone on – she’s realised she just might not be as into this whole killing business as she (and everyone else) thinks. She wants a new job and I think you could definitely see a change – possibly the beginning of a pretty substantial one – in her and for her, too.

Eve has been a little silent this season I think. Still bearing the signature deer-in-the-headlights look but definitely not as “on it” as she was in the previous seasons.

Carolyn definitely shifted towards the end. Yes, she’s been typically emotionless this series – even after everything that’s happened to her – but the way she dealt with her daughter, and anyone who double crossed her, proves she might be void of emotion but she is incredibly skilled and aware of people – more aware of the villains in this than I’ve been, that’s for sure!

Konstantin is definitely not on form. The events of the previous episodes tell you that but – in this one – I think we see him a little bit more vulnerable than usual. The contagious laugh I love is still there but there’s depth to his character I never really got.

I think this was an ok end to the series. It definitely wasn’t the best way to end it (though I don’t really know what would’ve been “the best” way), but it was ok. I felt like there were still things that needed explaining (including the fun, but pretty unnecessary dance scene at the start), but, if this show is supposed to do anything, it’s supposed to keep you guessing, keep you interested and keep you waiting for the next instalment.

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