First Play Friday: ‘it’s good to be back’ – Metronomy

We’re hurtling towards a new month which is equally great and a bit terrifying (2021 has felt like the longest and quickest year simultaneously!). To ward off any existential dread, I’ll be sharing another new single for another First Play Friday.

Previous tracks include ‘I Did It To Myself’ by Dakota Jones, ‘Powerhouse’ by Stranger Girl, ‘Safe Bet’ by Cucamaras, ‘Fall Away’ by Rowdy Outsider, ‘The Absence of You’ by the Islas, ‘I Only Party (w my Baby)’ by SLUGS, ‘Watching Cartoons’ by La Luz, ‘Blame It’ by Marlow, ‘Perfect Design’ by Mason Rose Gray, ‘Cosmic Saturation’ by The Velveteins , ‘Matters’ by Methyl Ethel, ‘Hard Not to Love You’ by Zola Courtney, ‘one hand on the steering wheel the other sewing a garden’ by Ada Lea and ‘Tiptoeing’ by Hope Tala.

For the fifteenth post in the series, I’m spotlighting ‘it’s good to be back’ by Metronomy.

On this track, the lo-fi outfit show off their rock and electronic style with a track full of catchy melodies and harmonious, optimistic vocals.

Regarding the track, Joseph Mount says “It’s good to be back’ gets its name because part of me was thinking, ‘what is the lamest platitude people are going to be saying coming out of the past two years?’, but at the same time, I was thinking how it will be true and how it might feel doing things again.”

The track, which teases their upcoming album Small World, is a trippy Truman Show esque video which captures the chaotic joy that this song gives off.

It might, as Mount says, be a cheesy sentiment but I completely agree that – after the year plus that we’ve all had – it is good to be back to the things we love, even just listening to tracks like this at full volume (sorry neighbours!).

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The track ‘it’s good to be back’ is available to stream on Spotify.


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**Thanks to Inside Out Agency for sending over this track. I was not instructed to review this track & all opinions of it are my own.

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