Music Mondays #11

It’s the first day of a new week, in what has been a crazy year (that’s for sure!), so I thought I’d ease you in with another Music Mondays post. If you’re new to this series of posts, or you’re new to this blog, I use these posts to share the songs I’ve been listening to at the moment – in the hopes I might just inspire someone to give a new song, or a new artist, a listen.

Last week, I filled the playlist with fun, (mostly) new releases. This week, it’s a mix of old and new (to me).

Magic Bronson, Golden

The duo are new to me but I loved the experimental feel to their music.

This song definitely appeals to the COVID-19 induced side of me that just wants to get out, get drunk and dancing with my friends as soon as we’re allowed.

© Wolf Milk, 2014.

JAWS, Driving at Night

The Birmingham based trio are not new to me – though I’ll admit I’m a few years late to this album (and song) – but this isn’t a song I’ve heard.

The album is about feeling lost and the opening track definitely captures this, whilst also being easy to listen to.

© JAWS, 2019.

Father John Misty, To R

Admittedly Father John Misty is new to me but the slow burning track feels familiar.

The track – coupled with To S – is somber but it makes you focus your attention on the vocals and piano/guitar melodies.

© Sub Pop Records, 2020.

Temples, Paraphernalia

Temples are a band I’m familiar with but – up until recently, again big thanks to my brother and his playlist – I’d never heard this track.

This song is full of fun and the good vibes I think we all need at the moment. It’s one of those songs I think deserves to be played a lot.

© ATO Records, 2020.

Gerry Cinnamon, Ghost

Gerry Cinnamon isn’t new to me, either (I’ve even seen him live, when concerts were a thing!), but this track is a new release.

This song is fun, catchy and will definitely be a crowd pleaser – once crowds are allowed!

© Little Runaway Records LTD, AWAL Recordings LTD, 2020.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat in the comments 😊.

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