Music Mondays #1

Could it be, another series of blog posts?!

Anyone who’s been following this blog from the start, or has come to follow this blog later on, will have found I’ve done a lot of “series” style posts: my Dissertation Diaries, my Jen Rewatches posts, the list goes on. With working from home, reading and whatever else I’ve been doing with my time, my blog has (unfortunately) taken a bit of a backseat. Not for long though!

Starting today, I’m launching Music Mondays, a series of posts celebrating one of the (many) things I love: music. On Music Mondays, I’ll be sharing with you the albums and songs I can’t get enough of recently. I’d love to hear some of the songs you’ve been listening to at the moment, as well.

Declan Mckenna, Zereos

I’m a big fan of Declan Mckenna, the London born indie-rocker (probably best known for his 2015 song Brazil), so I was made up that – five years on from this song (and during a pandemic no less) – McKenna is back with Zereos, a futuristic, fun album that feels fitting for the world we’re living in.

McKenna already teased the singles previously – of which Beautiful Faces is my favourite- but, as far as the previously unreleased tracks go, I love the laidback sound of Emily, the fun of Rapture and the softer, more vulnerable side showcased in the final track Eventually, Darling (you may need tissues!).

© Columbia

MarthaGunn, Caught Up & Confused (EP)

London based five piece MarthaGunn are relatively new to me but, when they came up on one of my Daily Mix playlist, I knew I’d found something good.

The EP, released last month, is full of high-impact tunes that are sure to take the blues away – particularly the Haim-esque It’s Over, which I’m pretty sure will probably be the song of any break up I might have in the future!

© MarthaGunn, Instagram

Circa Waves, Lemonade (f.t. Alfie Templeman)

Scouse indie legends Circa Waves aren’t new to me but this song, featuring Bedfordshire singer Alfie Templeman, is.

Lemonade is a catchy, moody tune that feels very relevant to the times we’re living in – without depressing the living daylights out of everyone!

© Prolifica Inc.

Willie J Healey, Twin Heavy

Not only has Willie J Healey found himself on my list of people to (hopefully) see live in 2021, his latest release Twin Heavy has lifted my playlist out of the dull, “sad indie girl” (in my sister’s words) I’ve listened to (and liked) for so long and into something much brighter.

The album is fun, catchy and made for days relaxing (though there’s not much sun to relax in at the minute). My highlight of the album is the peppy Sweeter Than Most, though I like the quieter final songs Thousand Reasons and Caroline Needs a lot as well.

© Yala! Music

Bloxx, Hey Jenny

Indie-pop four piece Bloxx aren’t necessarily a band I listen to much but, when someone recommended this song to me (taken from their latest release Lie Out Loud), I thought I might as well give it a go.

Not only does this song feature one of the best girl names to ever be created – in my opinion – it’s quite fun and easy to listen to, which is what we definitely need right now.

What have you been listening to at the moment? I’d love to chat in the comments and give some of your favourite tunes a go…maybe for next week’s post?

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